Thursday, December 18, 2014


The Conservative political vultures are circling hoping to find a feast in Avalon.

The Conservatives, who are gearing up for an early election cal,l are hoping for more success in Newfoundland and Labrador in the 2015 election. They seem to have targeted the Avalon Riding, currently represented by Liberal Independent Scott Andrews.

Andrews future has been made unclear as a result of an ill-advised, knee jerk reaction by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau that resulted in the Liberal MP being temporary booted from caucus based on a hearsay allegation of sexual assault.

 he messed up process has been worsened by some in the leaders office who are determined to justify Trudeau's original reaction that has garnered widespread criticism from the NDP and the two female MPs.

While Trudeau announced a convoluted process for reviewing the allegations, his spin team tried to further ruin Scott Andrews reputation by leaking confidential information about the member. I'll write more about reporter John Ivanson's privileged line of communication to the leader and his office at another time.

The mess created by the leader has riled up Liberals in this province, none more so than those in Avalon who have had to witness this charade. Folks are getting angrier as the potential for an election heightens and Andrews future remains in limbo.

The mess created in Ottawa is seen as an opportunity for the Conservatives in Avalon which Andrews liberated from the Conservatives defeating populist Fabian Manning in 20088 and clobbering the Senator again in 2011.

Injury Lawyer Chess Crosbie announced his candidacy for the Conservative Party today. Crosbie comes from a dynasty of powerhouse politicians. His father, John Crosbie represented the southern portion of the riding in the House of Commons for 17 years before retiring nearly 20-years ago. His name sake, Chesley Crosbie was a well known entrepreneur and per-confederation politician.

Crosbie is a Rhodes Scholar and a well known name in the province.

Andrews says he intents to run again. I think is time for Trudeau to admit he was overzealous and allow Andrews back in to the Liberal Caucus in time for the election.

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Anonymous said...

this is more of an opportunity for the NDP...if they can see it.
Mr Crosbie is a great candidate. But the party he wishes to represent is mud in this province.