Sunday, December 21, 2014


Like him, despise him, ignore him - Brad Cabana has more conviction than 90% of our society.

 He tells it as he sees it and has never felt a need to be differential to the powers that be. An attitude like that is sure to create a few waves in a nepotistic, paternalistic and partisan society like the one we are drowning in.

I have had a few disagreements with Brad, but on the whole I respect him not just for his indifference to the status-quo,  but for his intelligence, tireless research, diligence and exposure of the ugly side of politics.

True, he deleted me as a friend on Twitter last January because I called him a "media whore" after his comments about the relationship between fire and carbon-monoxide deaths related to the Dark NL experience of last January. 

Perhaps I was uncomfortable with the debate, perhaps I thought he was over the top, perhaps I thought it was unfair to peg the government with responsibility for the deaths of people who did not exercise common sense for their own safety. One thing is certainly true, had the government been prepared, Dark NL could have been avoided and those people would still be alive.

Brad is at the center of the Justice Orsborn controversy of the past few days. He released a letter from the Justice to than Premier Marshall stating concerns about naming the Corner Brook Court House after Danny Williams. The letter and the subsequent new stories including Danny Williams condemnation of the Justice have gone viral across the nation.

His blog post of Saturday, Dec 20th Danny Williams in Contempt is worthy of your consideration. Has the former premier crossed the line? Should he be held accountable for his verbal attacks on the Judge Orsborn? Should this disrespect for the administrators of justice not result in his name being struck from the Corner Brook Court House? Would any other lawyer in the province get away with this type of indifference towards the judicial system?

Brad has been the victim of "libel chill" but once again he perseveres against great adversity.

How can you not respect that.

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