Thursday, November 13, 2014


Here at P&P we are all about the games.

I am passionate about the game play but not too serious about the competitive side of things. It is all about the fun, the company and the occasional refreshment and consumable.

Some people take there games seriously. The occasional poker game may end in a scrap or even a shooting. Some sore losers might push the board around after their Australia strategy fails miserably in Risk.  I have seen people literally cry over a word that was ruled on in Scrabble.

However, none of that compares to 68-year-old John Richard Valenzuela's inebriated response to loosing a Battleship tourney with his daughter. He accused his 17-year-olddaughter of cheating and went nuts!

When she tried to leave he allegedly dragged her back by her hair and pointed a gun at her. She alerted police via 411 on her cellphone which was not activated. The police were able to use GPS technology to rescue her.

Good old dad is facing charges of unlawful detention, aggravated assault, criminal mischief, intoxication, and interrupting a communication device.

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