Friday, November 28, 2014


The hard part about being in the dark, is that you really have no idea what the heck is going on.   

Finally the veil is being lifted a little as the media has been reporting alleged details of the alleged allegations against the two Liberal MP’s suspended from the Federal Caucus by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

I still stand by my post of earlier this week that Trudeau could have handled this better, that he was too reactionary and in many ways sealed the fate of these two members without offering a fair process.

From what we can glean from the media this week, these allegations are very serious and she have been dealt with by the courts not a House Committee.

However, Trudeau, unlike me,  has to look at the big picture.  He is also the father of a daughter whom he would never want to have to deal with gender based harassment.

Perspective is everything.

I am not a female, I did not grow up with sisters and I have no daughters.  I raised the issue of harassment and the Liberal Leaders suspension with a couple of much younger female classmates to try and garner a different perspective.

They felt that Trudeau did a very brave thing, and despite the impact on these two MP’s, a message has been sent that inappropriate gender based harassment will no longer be tolerated or be considered acceptable on Parliament Hill.

Matty explained to me that she has three sisters and that they were told to be weary when downtown or out to parties. They were instructed to cover their drinks and if they did not to forget drinking them. A $4 drink was not worth getting raped over.

Like I said, perspective is everything. I have not had to deal with that fear for my personal safety caused by sexual predators who take advantage of young women. I have worked in many political offices and on many political campaigns.   

I know how upset women feel when they are sized-up like a piece of meat. It is uncomfortable and demeaning. It makes thier skill crawl. That must be a horrible feeling. It is unacceptable. 

Throw in the power that some men have over these women’s careers and it is easy to see why so many cases of harassment go unreported.

The national media is reporting tonight that Scott Andrews, one of two Liberal MPs at the center of harassment allegations, was reprimanded earlier this fall by the party’s whip, after complaints from a Liberal staffer that Mr. Andrews had behaved inappropriately toward her.  Obviously, there was some sort of process within the Liberal caucus for dealing with harassment issues.

This does not mean that the much more serious current allegation against him is true, or false.  I just think that the accused deserve a process that would allow the allegations against them to be tested.

What is particular galling is that the female MP’s were more interested in ensuring that the MP’s take sensitivity courses and learn to respect boundaries. The anonymous MP who made allegationsagainst Pacetti, said: “if he is ready to give me a sincere apology, if he understands how he made me feel, and I feel that he is sincere and he engaged himself to getting help and mental therapy, I feel for myself it would be enough”.
I can only take away from that that they did not think criminal charges or a public outing were necessary for lessons to be learned. 

Obviously, Trudeau did .....

and from many perspectives the good of the many outweigh the careers of a few.

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