Friday, November 21, 2014


Seniors Danny and Eileen Browne raised four children and lived a pretty ordinary and modest life in their row house on Watson Crescent in the city's East End.

The couple who raised four children have had a pretty tough year, Mr. Browne has been in and out of hospital all year due to complications with his heart and diabetes.

On the afternoon of November 22nd, Ms. Browne passed out while cooking supper. The kitchen caught fire and the house was filled with heavy dark smoke. Fortunately, the brave and swift actions of a neighbor prevented a tragedy from being a fatality.

The neighbor entered the burning building, crawling on the floor looking for Ms. Browne. He found her and carried her to safety. She was rushed to hospital to deal with smoke inhalation but doctors soon identified a much more serious health issue, she had a large tumor on her brain - that had caused her to pass out.

Nearly a month to the day of the fire, Ms. Browne has been released from hospital. Her and her husband spent their first night together at her daughters since the successful surgery to remove the tumor. In the confusion of Mr. Browne's health issues and Ms. Browne's unknown condition, their house insurance had lapsed. The Browne's lost everything! A total loss.

Despite what they have been through Ms. Browne told me last night that they still have each other and that she is a tough old lady.
The community has come to the assistance of this humble, unassuming and humble couple. Tonight, there is a fundraiser at the Hub with the proceeds going to help this family who lost nearly everything in this devastating fire.

Tickets are $10 each. There will be lots of draws and wheel spins on items donated by friends and strangers to assist the Browne's at this challenging time.

The fundraiser gets underway at 7:30. The door prize is a framed Richard Steele print. Tickets can be purchased at the door. All financial contributions would be greatly appreciated.

I will me officiating and playing the role of D.J. tonight. Please join me and the community as we rally together to help rebuild their lives and give them a sense of love and purpose at a very difficult time.

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