Monday, November 24, 2014


I for one have never understood the need for people to leave their mark on desks, walls, trees or heritage sites.

You often see rock cuts along the highway with Johnny love Suzy 1986 spray painted on it, or wooden school desks with names scraped into them.

Why does anyone have an urge to leave a trace of their name for everyone to see and often in a place that will be seen for generations to come? The abhorrent use of ‘tagging’, just as writing your name in full, is a way to leave your mark.

Perhaps it is about leaving a mark and wanting others to recognize that you were there , that you exist and that you will continue to exist in some form as long as the mark is visible! It may be pretty harmless but when folks take it a step further and carve, etch or paint their initials on historic and heritage sites, it is vandalism of the worst kind.

 Why would anyone deface a magnificent historic monument?

Fortunately, every now and than an idiot gets caught in the act of vandalism. Recently a Russian tourist who carved a 10-inch tall letter "K" on a wall inside Rome's Colosseum was given a $25,000 fine.

Over six million people visit the site each year. Only four other vandals have been caught tin 2014 including a Canadian teenager. The 15 year-old was caught by Italian cops after stashing a 2000-year-old brick from Rome's Colosseum in  her backpack. An eagle-eyed tourist reported her.

One would think that folks who travel to see these sites of great historic value would hold them in the highest of regard.  Instead they  have ruined this glorious monuments hey have traveled a fair distance to see. Cleaning the graffiti requires special care and could result in even more damage,

I often wonder if Johnny and Suzy are still together? I hope they made the same statement on their own bodies in the form of an indelible  tattoo to constantly remind their current spouse of their silly infatuation in 1986!

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