Monday, November 24, 2014


I think it is high time that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau re-instate Scott Andrews as a member of the Liberal Caucus. 

The entire affair has been a farce from the start! If there was ever a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater this is it!  How do you proceed with an investigation or a hearing when the two accusing MPs say no formal complaint will be forthcoming!

I agree that action was warranted the moment that the leader was made aware of the alleged harassment issues. Trudeau was right to act. 

 I disagree with the approach Mr. Trudeau took. I also disagree with those that say he had no choice. 

News last week that his decision was based on NDP MP Craig Scott’s (Toronto-Danforth, Ont.), a former law professor, interpretation that one of the alleged incidents, as described to him, amounted to an allegation of sexual assault, was the icing on the cake of disbelief.

He had a choice in how he dealt with it. He had a choice in inflicting the terrible allegations and innuendo on the reputation of a family man whose reputation is his political currency. Scott Andrews deserved better than to be thrown under the bus in the name of expediency and in the face of unfounded allegations.

It was a de facto conviction!  Fairness demands that the accused have the right to clear the air. This tendency to rush to judgment without due process is worrisome.

Mr. Trudeau could have referred the matter to the Speaker of the House. He could have issued a press release indicating that he had been made aware that two Female Members of the NDP Caucus had alleged that two members of his caucus had harassed them. He could have met with them, informed them of the situation and told them that their future in the caucus would be determined by the outcome of a fair process. He could have worked out a process with NDP that worked for all four individuals.

Instead, he chose to take the word of his political opponents and throw members of his caucus to the wolves with absolutely no regard for the damage done to their reputations, their marriages, their families or their constituents.  All of this and the NDP MPs identities are protected and they refused to make an official complaint. No one has actually pressed any charges.

In hindsight, it was a rash decision which has left all four MPs in a limbo and parliament in a quagmire. What a farce!

The MPs should not have to endure this disgrace any longer.

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