Saturday, November 29, 2014


I have never worked in the oil industry but the price of that black gold continues to have a direct impact on my life.

On one hand, as a consumer, I am a slave to oil prices. with three active kids the relief at the pumps has left a little more money in my account. Shuffling kids to hockey, dance, school, friends houses and the various choirs is a real tax sure can add up.

We also have an oil furnace. So fa,r home heating fuel prices have not taken any dramatic downward decline but they should.

On the not so positive side the 30% slide in oil prices over the past month is having a major impact on government revenues.

Earlier in the week I was excited about my re-employment prospects with the provincial government. I applied for six decent positions that looked promising.

On Thursday the Premier announced a hiring freeze because the province pegged its budget predictions at $110 for a barrel of oil. It was trading at
Just $67 yesterday.

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