Sunday, November 30, 2014


It may not be a traditional Sunday Dinner meal here on the rock but we are having a great feed of Indian inspired cuisine for supper tonight.  

 My love of Indian Food started in university. I became great friends with the Threlfalls - an English family. Ms. Threlfall was an incredible cook who introduced my bayman, meat/fish/potato, tastebuds to a much bigger world of tastes. The Brits’ obsession with curry is well-known, and Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the country.

I like to take great care in providing good meals. I love to cook but it takes time to prepare good meals. My biggest distraction is clutter. If I can walk into a clean kitchen, where I can wash dishes as I go - without clutter - cooking is a great exercise in mindfulness. As well, I think cooking a great meal for family or friends is a way to show others you love them

I love the colors, the tastes, the fragrances and the overwhelming amount of variety that Indian food offers.  I still encounter so many dishes that I’ve never heard of.

I also have a masochistic penchant for spicy food. Not all Indian food is spicy, but I like mine spicy. I am not happy unless my nose is running and only a glass of ice good water will extinguish the heat! My boys have come to appreciate it as well.

Last night I marinated a whole chicken with garlic, ginger and some tandoori spice. This morning, I added some ghee and roasted the chicken for ten minutes until the outside was a little crisp. I placed the who chicken in a slow cooker - added added some black cumin seeds, tomato puree, sugar, red chilli powder onions, a few crushed fenugreek leaves and covered the pot. A few hours later I added some fussels cream and let it continue to cook. 

Add a vegetable baji - spinkled with cilantro, some somosas, basmatti rice, nan (to soak up the sauce), a few black pepper infused papadums and yummy!

It is not a Punjabi kitchen but it is not too bad for a bayman like me!

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