Thursday, November 20, 2014


More blackouts, the RNC destroying evidence, the Crown ruining reputations, money stolen from the RNC HQ, provincial highways unsalted in icy conditions  and roads here in the city covered in treacherous black ice with out the slightest bit of ice control. Is it any wonder that people are frustrated with those who tax us to provide essential services.?

Is it any wonder that the public is showing a complete disdain for politicians at every level of governance? 

Is it any wonder so many of us have simply lost confidence?

They tax us to the hilt to cover the cost of labor, materials, infrastructure and services. Nothing is free. We pay municipal taxes, we pay provincial taxes, we pay federal taxes - sometimes we pay taxes on taxes to support this incompetence. What gives? 

Listening to news reports today about the accidents on the provincial highways was galling. The injury inflicted on people and the damage done to their property because the people we pay to salt and clear our roads did not react to the dangerous build-up of ice creating treacherous driving conditions was simply unacceptable. 

I for one, and I am sure I am not alone, am fed up with excuses, spin and the lack of accountability expressed by highly paid bureaucrats and political leaders. I swear, if I heard one more publicly funded idiot ,subsidized by our tax dollars, state that people need to slow down and adjust their driving for the weather - I would have ripped the radio out of my car today. 

Seriously, no shit Sherlock! - but lets not allow these paper pushing morons to deflect the real issue which is not unsafe driving but unsafe, treacherous roads.  Surely, we should expect that icy roads will be salted by rush hour, in time for folks to drive to work, school, the hospital and our kids schools?

Some braininess manager, director or ADM has been whipped into submission by a pencil pushing accountant whose job it is to play gatekeeper to expenditures for snow clearing and ice control. These no-face central agency pencil pushers do not put a price on people's lives or our property. Numbers matter. In the world of numbers, one never errs on the side of caution!

They do not consider the number of accidents, the number of injuries or the number of people's lives that have been ruined as a result of them. All they care about is deferring the cost of spreading salt, hiring staff, buying gas and operating equipment for as long as possible. 

These folks figured mother nature would do their jobs for them. Predicted warmer temperatures would melt the ice, why waste any salt? Opps, the forecast was wrong. So sorry! Let your insurance deal with, that is why you have it right! So on top of the taxes, you pay your deductible and take the hit on increased premiums. 

Do we not have a right to expect value for our tax money. Fire the shagging lot of them and let's put some people in these roles who accept the reality that with these great salaries comes great responsibility.

Nobody is accountable, shit happens, sorry!  Blame the weatherman, blame the drivers but don't blame the poor decision makers. What bull-shit!

The buck stops at the top and the top is failing us badly!

Heads should be rolling, pink slips should be the order of the day. 

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