Thursday, November 20, 2014


 If you are like most people, raking leaves is not your favorite chore. For many of us, raking fallen leaves is a reality, a rite of passage and a bloody nuisance.  If you persnickety, it is as unavoidable as cutting the grass in the summer or getting a neat hair cut.

I like to wait until all of my trees that ring my backyard are bare before raking. That way, I only have to do it once.  For years it was a pile of fun, my little guys dressed in winter coasts would help me make a giant mound of yellow, red and green leaves mixed with lots of fallen bright orange dog berries. They would squeal and giggle jumping in the leaves and wresting. Them was fun days!

Those days are past - now it is work, not pleasure. Sorry Lito but even utilizing all of those mindfulness techniques, I can not find a way to enjoy it. If I defer, the snow comes and I am left with muddy, decomposed leaves and patches in my lawn.

However, this year Aidan, my 14 year old beat me to the punch. He raked the leaves and that mulched them with the lawn mower. He figured we were doing Mother Nature a solid by providing a compost to feed worms and birds. 

Turns out he is on to something. The American National Wildlife Federation in a blog post titled "What to do With Fallen Leaves" backs him up. They say dry, dead leaves create a healthy habitat for  chipmunks, earthworms, and more to live in or source food from.

There you have it, a neat lawn - no bagging and I did not have to rake.

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