Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As a one time hardcore blogger, my activity over the last little while has slowed down. I have come out of my hibernation today to explain why.

I have been having an affair with Twitter! I don't think the mico-blog format is real blogging but the reach, debate and discussion has hooked me. I can cover more ground, get immediate feedback and not worry(as much) about typos and editing.

However, the 140 character limit is limiting, the short bursts are not conducive to in-depth observations of topics that matter to me. Writing a blog post takes a real commitment of time. Many original posts take hours to compose, research, edit and post. It can be a black hole for my time.

Twitter bursts take a seconds but is it less of a commitment than traditional blogging? 

Multiple posts, getting sucked into discussions or doing a little research to ensure you know what you are waxing polemic about takes time as well. Sometimes I feel a tinge of addiction - just how much time am I wasting on social media? It is hard to resist the urge to check my Twitter account - day or night! My will power has dwindled. I wonder if the same strong desires to Twitter is akin to the some peoples irresistible need  for tobacco, alcohol and coffee?

Doing contract work means I am not working in an office with staff. I do not have the same level of socialization.  No talk around the water cooler, in the lunch room or outside with the smokers. Twitter  fills a need for interaction and socialization.

Can traditional blogging and Twitter compliment each other, like a negative cross elasticity of demand? (see I am paying attention to my Economics course). One does not have to displace the other, Twitter is not a substitute for Polemic and Paradox, it is a complement.

What are your thoughts? Or would you rather discuss it on Twitter?

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