Thursday, September 4, 2014


Board games rock.

Playing a board game, classic or new, is a great way to bond with your children, spouse or friends.  Enjoy a few laughs, some comradely and some healthy competition.

My wife gets a bit testy about the cost of games but when you factor in the hours of play, fun, and the fact that they can be played over and over - I think they offer great value. Sure look at the cost of going to a movie with the family. We can easily blow $70 dollars on a family outing to the local theater and have nothing to show for it but movie popcorn stomach!

Games teach sportsmanship, problem-solving, teamwork, and everything from reading skills to motor skills. Creativity can be fostered in children of all ages, including your spouse! The whole family can learn about history, budgeting, or geography while having a ball doing so. 

I am hoping to re-start a family game night this Fall at home and introduce one at our neighborhood school. 

Not sure where to start? 

Here is a link to a great site to help you find games the work for your family! 

Once you find a game you like, consider purchasing it locally from one of the local gaming stores. They stock an amazing array of games, keep our dollars in the province and employ local people. I am a huge fan of Downtown Comics on Duckworth Street but there are a couple of others: Sword and Steele, Duckworth Street  & Timemasters, Kenmount Road.

For a few game reviews of my favorite games, just search Polemic & Paradox for board games.

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