Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It does not generate any revenue, takes up a fair amount of time and I am told that expressing my analysis and opinions on public publicly has hurt my marketability for employment. So why do I do it?

That is a question that gets harder and harder to answer as I learn just how difficult it is to scrape together a living in this City.

Why do I continue to waste hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours on books about public policy, advocacy, campaigning and governance?

I suppose it is for the same reason, habit!

Or a  refusal to stop growing and participating in the broader discussion about our future and understanding the mechanisms of governance.

It all seems like a gigantic waste of time when you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Focus and realizing that you can not serve more than one master should pull me through it.

That said, Blogging may be dying as Facebook, Tumblr  and Twitter become the predominant forums for discussion and debate.  I find the micro blog infuriating. Discussion are too short, often sharp and not always informative. 

While many defect, I like the personal blog format even if it has no real commercial appeal. I just need to refocus a little and find my purpose. 

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Anonymous said...

And you wonder and complain why anonymous people make the hardest comments...

The medium is the message. when you become the medium the message becomes lost and the medium gets tossed...

The godfather said.... never on no uncertian terms let anybody outside the family know what your thinking
It will breed prejudice hate and confrontation...

Act swiftly with directive work the medium nudge the issue plant the seeds find weakne. Hammer it home... keep your head below the trench and let the big guns do the work....

What else can I say.... oh ya... have a backbone