Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Every now and than I get sucked into a new television series. This summer two in particular have me engrossed. 

 I am half-way through HBO's The Leftovers and CBS's Extant

New sci-fi shows are a bit like roulette. How many times have I been sucked into a series only to be left hanging in disbelieve and frustration when it is canceled before wrapping up the story line.

So much wasted potential and time! 

Having been burned so many times, I feel like just waiting for a good series to be confirmed for a new season before investing my time. 

However, that just ensures that I am part of the problem. These shows need viewers now to ensure they continue on.

The big question than is The Leftovers and Extant worth my time? 

The Leftovers, is dour but engrossing! It follows the impact of the “The Sudden Departure” of two percent of the world’s population on a Mapleton, New York. The producer is Lost’s Damon Lindelof and the series is based on Tom Perrotta’s novel.

Those left behind go about their daily routines in a daze. Was it the rapture? Where did their loves on go? Why did they just vanish? It is not entertainment but torture. Like those left behind, I want answers but they are likely never to come. We are stuck in the dark hoping the pieces of the puzzle playing out amongst the various characters will provide some answers. It is a fascinating and engrossing series that is getting some great reviews. I have concluded that it is worth my time even though it is not easy viewing and is not a show for everyone.

 Extant is another summer series that has me taking the leap of faith that it will be worth the trip?  Halle Berry plays  Molly Woods, an astronaut who  returns to Earth after a year in space on a solo mission pregnant! Conspiracies abound and who doesn’t love a good conspiracy?

Now, as I said earlier, I have been burned by shows that try and take on too much and end up not being able to deliver. 

 I am halfway through the 12 episode series and it is picking up the pace. The slow reveals are melting away and some of the characters are starting to appeal to me. It is becoming a decent thriller. It has passed the half way test. It is no longer solely a mystery about how Molly got pregnant alone in space. It is smart sci-fi. 

It should be fun to learn how the conspiracies pan out and if this show was worth 12 hours of my summer. 

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