Tuesday, August 26, 2014


One of my earliest political buddies, who more or less got me hooked on partisan politics in the mid-1980's, should become the newest member of the Liberal Caucus tonight,

Scott Reid introduced me to Jeffery Archer and First Amongst Equals, he was part of the Risk gang and despite a very successful academic career in Education, he has remained a prominent back room strategist (and some times staffer) with the Liberal Party of Newfoundland.

Scott is the Liberal candidate in today's by-election to replace Tory Joan Burke (Shea) who found the kitchen a little hot and jumped out of the House of Assembly in July.

My desire and wish for Scott to win transcends partisan politics. He is the type of person that I would like to have as my MHA. He is smart, dedicated, hard working, a fantastic dad and honest. He is an all around decent guy.

He understands the needs of those people in the rural areas of the district that are looking for some sort of light, a beacon of hope that the rural depopulation and high unemployment can be turned around. They want a doer, not a talker or a taker. They need someone who will go out of their way to develop the regions bounty of renewable/ non-renewable resources and potential filled infrastructure.

I'll be watching the polls closely. I have had a fair amount of experience managing and working on campaigns in the district and it's predecessor prior to  the 1996 redistribution.  St. George's - Stephenville East is a swing seat, it likes to be on the government side. The seat is the amalgamation of the old St. George's district and half of the old Stephenville seat. The seat has a long history of having strong Cabinet Ministers like Kevin Aylward, Ron Dawe and more recently Joan Shea. 

Getting the vote out will be key to victory tonight.  The Liberals have worked hard to get to each doorstep and to identify support for today's vote. 

Summer campaign's are notorious for low turnouts. People have so many other things to be doing. If you live in the district and have not vote, take the time to head to your local poll and vote for Scott.

I am pretty confident that Scott will join the list of Liberal MHA's born and raised in the district like Bill Keough, Hazel McIssac, Larry Short, Dr. Bud Hulan &  Kevin Aylward.

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