Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Another summer is coming to a close!

The lazy days of summer, the relaxation and fun of spending a week at Moose Grove has turned to the realization that in another week the kids will be back at school and Kristine will hopefully have a job teaching in an elementary school in the city.

Liam heads to Junior High this year, Aidan is going to High School and Conor will finish his last year at Virginia Park Elementary. The routine of shuffling kids to hockey practice, games and dry-land training, to Shallaway sessions, swimming and other lessons begins in earnest.

I head back to school as well. I am working  part-time on a Masters in Employment Relations. I am looking forward to the challenge but am not sure I feel about being the old man on campus. There used to be an organization at Memorial called Students Older Than Average...I wonder if they have one for students much older than average.

I head Tony the Tory - the one from the boot - praising the government for creating a robust economy in the province, a climate where one can have their pick of jobs.  Seems we reside in two provinces because my experience has been that the choices are slim.

Interesting enough, I was not eligible for any kind of provincial or federal assistance in retraining or educational funding. Turns out that paying your on way for 25 years means your are marketable and employable. It is amazing what choice minimum wage jobs one can qualify for. Someone needs to inform them that my experience is like jamming a round peg in a square hole - it is all about finding the right opportunity. As for other jobs, seems too much experience equates to staying on until something better comes along. Employers need staff but they do not seem interested in folks who may move on.

Some credit has to be given to the Department of Advanced Education and Skills for their on-line service delivery options and on-line workshops designed to assist individuals in their career and employment planning process. From brushing up on my Excel skills to Customer Service Fundamentals - many of the AES Employment Workshops have been very handy.

No fresh start for this university educated laid-off public service worker. Shoulder to the boulder of instability,  insufficient  benefits  and  contract  work. I'll be dammed if I am going to join the thousands of people who continue to leave Newfoundland and Labrador to find employment in this "economic boom"

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