Friday, August 29, 2014


Finance Minister Charlene Johnson's impending retirement should come as no surprise to pundits, her caucus or the media. The wring has been on the wall ever since her husband left Cougar Helicopters in St. John's to fly helicopters oversees.

I would wager that with her daughter about to begin  kindergarten - the time for putting off decisions about her families future, because of her commitment to labor negotiations and pension reform,  has simply run out.

The timing sucks for the Progressive Conservative's who have lost four by-elections, but this should not be confused as a non-confidence vote in her party or the government. This is personal.

In fact she might be congratulated for taking her role in Finance so seriously that she has presumably postponed her departure as long as she has in what seems to be the best interest of hammering out an agreement with the NLTA and trying to seek an accommodation on the provinces staggering $7 billion pension liability.

While I do not think this is a case of another crew member abandoning a sinking ship - the future of her seat will probably be the same.  

I suspect Trinity-Bay de Verde, which has been tory blue since Johnson first won the seat in 2003, will  inevitable go back to the Liberal fold under the candidacy of Liberal Leader Dwight Balls Executive Assistant Steve Crocker.

I doubt that this is the final curtain on her political career.

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