Sunday, August 10, 2014


As a teenager and well into my adulthood, I loved to hack things. Take them apart, rebuild them or create something else. 

Most of the time I contained my hacking fun to computer games. In the days of the Amiga and the C-64, cracking games, stamping on a hacker name and copying them on a pair of 1541 floppy drive 's generated a great thrill. Hacking was a fun!

Of course that is pretty tame stuff compared to today's hackers who are hacking email, banking accounts, data banks and even out door displays.  All around me I hear stories about credit card numbers being hacked by Russian mobsters, of security breaches at banks and clothing stores.  Hacking has gotten a pretty bad name.

In defense of hacking,  you hear stories about bright folks who are hacking for the challenge and the fun of it. They want to test the system, to beat the "unbeatable", impenetrable security systems. They show us the risks, the holes in the system.

Wired featured a great article about a hack where a person can use a radio to fry a hair dryer using a frequency that causes the dryers ground connection to blow-up!

 Imagine what vulnerabilities exist that we have no idea about! I wonder what they can do with my toaster?

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