Friday, August 8, 2014


“Have you heard enough?....But wait, there’s more!”
Disgraced Conservative Senator Mike Duffy.

With the release yesterday of the Alberta’s auditor-general's special report exposing abuse and potential fraud in that province's premier's office, the integrity of  our Westminster Parliamentary system is being questioned. The cherished myth of an egalitarian society destroyed.

Throughout my years in the game, the fundamental principle that all members of the legislature were "beyond reproach" and "honourable" made me grimace. A lie or a mistruth is impossible in the House of Assembly, so says the speaker and our Westminster tradition.

The failings of our honourable system are evident when it comes to the greed of a few people who have taken advantage of the honour system. Here in Newfoundland and Labrador we were witnesses to the shame of four M.H.A's going to jail for fraud for their actions. In 2011, a similar expense scandal rocked the Nova Scotia Legislature. The on-going Canadian Senate Expense Scandal has shaken Canadian's confidence in our honourable institutions. 

The rot has set in Australia as well. The mockery of justice, privilege and fairness has brought down politicians in New South Wales. 

The nexus of our parliamentary tradition, The House of Commons in the United Kingdom saw several MP's sentenced to imprisonment the gross misuse of public public expenses for personal use.

Let us hope that the trough-snorting self serving excess of our nations honourable pollies has past.

Do you think our current politicians have learned that they are the servants and not the masters so they should be diligent with the master's money?

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