Thursday, August 28, 2014


I suppose it was only a matter of time, some individuals have taken  the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to the extreme - and one teen in in the United Kingdom has died. It it has begun to stray from its original aim of raising awareness and money for  ALS.

Cameron Lancaster, 18, reportedly jumped 80 feet to his death after he opted to, instead of dumping a bucket of cold water over his head and donating money to ALS for Lou Gehrig's disease, leap off a cliff and into a disused quarry containing water. He broke his neck!

I am sure he will be nominated for a Darwin Award!

A quick Google search unveiled a number of other severe injuries incurred by teens and adults choosing to up the risk level by doing perilous activities in new variations of the challenge.

Last week, several Kentucky firefighters were injured in an ice bucket challenge that went awry: The ladder bucket they’d been using to dump water on college students taking part in the challenge got too close to a power line, and two firefighters were seriously injured by an electrical shock. Two others were hurt when they tried to climb the ladder to aid the injured firefighters.

Another example of variations of the Ice Bucket Challenge going wrong include  a women who dumped a bucket of ice on her head while sitting on a horse. The animal bolted throwing her to the ground. 

Belgian Photographer Bruno Brokken, 51, is in "critical condition” after having nearly 400 gallons of water dumped on him by a fire-fighting plane

Here is a video of Ice Bucket Challenge fails.

Could the “fails” end up throwing cold water on the entire trend?

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