Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Every now and than you stumble on a surprising fun read. Sure it distracts you from your planned reading list but it leaves you feeling good and celebrating life's little moments.

Over the weekend at the cabin, I took a break from reading Tom Flanagan's Winning Power and picked up The Book Of Awesome by  Neil Pasricha.  The book and the subsequent one are based on the  award-winning 10-million-plus-hit blog 1000awesomethings.com.

 I was up early enjoying a coffee in the cabin while everyone else slept
when I noticed it  was just laying on the coffee table , neglected and dog eared. Reading the back cover, this has got to be the stupidest book ever.

I opened the cover and was instantly attracted to Pasricha's short stories list the  little awesome things in life that we take for granted but make us feel good. I smiled like an idiot as I relived many awesome experiences and felt a wicked surge of nostalgia. The description of each awesome thing is only a page or two and the writing is witty and sharp.

It was a great pick-me up and a reminder that we often forget to really enjoy the things we do and experience. Pasricha  takes  the simple average every day things in life and relives them allowing us to reflect on how awesome they are. It gave me a warm and fuzzy reading experience. It was hard to believe how many times said, " i did that" or "i felt that way", so many things in it made me smile!

I have an old friend from my university and political days who was nearly always pleasant. The glass was always half-full. One of her favorite terms was awesome. God was awesome, experiences were awesome, life was awesome, her job was awesome. She truly saw the beauty in the small things, she smeleld the awesome everyday. She made me and the people around her smile.

I am now looking out for the Book of More Awesome

If you do pick up either of these books pass it on to someone else that might enjoy it when you are done with it.

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