Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I just finished viewing the John Crosbie's full interview on CBCNL website.

If you have the time, I recommend you watch the unfiltered senior statesman of the province expound on his concerns about democracy in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The former Queens Viceroy in the former colony of Newfoundland has always been able ignite debate and make a point. A few years ago he showed his true colors by accompanying the Royals to several events donning a gorgeous full-length seal skin jacket!

Crosbie told reporters he wore the coat "to make a statement" to the royals about the importance of the seal hunt in Newfoundland and Labrador, despite the controversy it generates in parts of Europe

Dressed in a white t-shirt emblazoned with "by god it is great to be a Newfoundlander" and a HMS St. John's ball hat, made no apologies for his unplugged performance at the the 1stannual Ray Day, at the Republic bar on held Saturday past. Ray may be long gone but he is still motivating others to challenge power.

Crosbie said it was his responsibility as a retired senior politician to speak out about the state of our Liberal democracy. He pointed out how important it is to have three strong, competitive parties.

It must be wonderful to be able to have the financial and political independence to call it as it is. I know that questioning party politics and government policies in this forum has certainly come at a premium price for me.

I thought Danny Williams comments about the government expenditure of $500,000 on an elevator for Government House showed his  vindictive and nasty side. - his true colors. It was a pathetic, personal and weak retort which reflects the demagoguery that was so characteristic of the William's era.

Do not think for a moment that people were blacklisted by the former premier whose political power was only eclipsed by his business power. 

Why has the mainstream media never investigated the acquisition of Crown Land  for the $5 Billion Glencrest Housing, retail and industrial development?

The author of the that story has been on the blacklist for well over a decade. So is the price of challenging the elite that run our province. 

On several occasions, than Premier Williams suggested that Crosbie should butt out of public policy debates. He told Crosbie that his days in politics were over and he no longer gets to call the shots.

"Mr. Crosbie had his day in government, and he made his decisions in that time" he stated.
Perhaps he should accept his own advice and go away.  
If not, he runs the risk of becoming another demagogue turned sad caricature. 

Mr. Crosbie, you have always had my respect, thank you for exercising your rare independence on the behalf of all of us that belief in a transparent, accountable and viable democracy.


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