Thursday, June 12, 2014


George Murphy is a guy with a lot of heart, a lot of passion and reeks sincerity. 

To assume the rookie NDP M.H.A for St. John's East should be out renewing his taxi driving license for post election employment  is selling him short!

In fact, I would argue that it will be more difficult to defeat Murphy in the general election than it will be to unseat party leader Lorraine Micheal.

Sure the big teddy bear came off as politically naive during the caucus revolt against Micheal last Fall. His public denunciation of former NDP Party President and caucus mate Dale Kirby, in light of his own participation in the poison letter that brought on the revolt, was hard to comprehend.

Begging for his leader's forgiveness and declaring that he did not understand what he was signing  was about as palpable as Transportation Minister Nick McGraw's ignorance of the "political" issues associated with letting Humber Valley Paving off the hook.

Outside his district and perhaps amongst some partisan types in St.John's East, it may have looked like he was a finished political commodity. George is part of the community and for many the community is part of George. What you see is what get.

The NDP did not carry George, he helped raise the profile of the party, showing it could attract star candidates in tough seats. He had run unsuccessfully for the Liberals in St. John's East in 2003 after building his profile as the jovial public face of the Consumer Group For Fair gas Prices. What other candidate can claim to have saved most of the voters in his district a bundle of cash over the years. On top of that this, his ten year advocacy for the removal of the HST from heating fuels became government policy.  

The PUB might have all  the resources and authority of government behind
them but when it comes to gas prices in Newfoundland and Labrador, only
one person has the percieved   credibility to speak with authority, George Murphy.

The spokesperson for consumer gas prices has helped consumers make informed decisions about purchasing gas, stove oil, furnace oil and
diesel for over a  decade. His calculations and predictions have become a fixture for journalists every second week in the lead-up to the Public
Utilities Board weekly price setting announcement.

George is a real life Larry King. Like the King of Kensingston, George was, and remains, known for helping friends and neighbors solve problems. This rare type of charismatic genuineness and folksy charm born out of a genuine desire to serve makes him one of those bona fide constituency members that might require a few tons of TNT to knock out.

He's king of KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKENsingtonnnnnnnnnnn.
What a guy."


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