Monday, June 23, 2014


Finally, a stretch of warm temperatures.

St. John's has not seen a good stretch of warm sunny weather in a while.  The vernal equinox marked the official start of Summer this past Saturday and so far - so good. It is just in time to greet the kids as school shuts down this week.

I, like most people, have been waiting for a couple of nice days together to dry out the decks and fences and the drying conditions for some stain and paint. My front steps look like Dolly Pardon's Coat of Many Colors. Scrapping and salting the step this past Winter and Spring's ice has taken a toll. I can see spots of natural wood and a couple of old colors.

It is not exactly hot enough to bake yea  but anything over 15 for a couple of days is more than welcome. A week or so of this and the kids might get into the ponds and streams for a swim in early July.

We have been oiling chains, repairing and upgrading bikes and scooters over the past week. The boys are growing and the new bike requests are flowing. Additionally there will be request for movie money, ice cream money and other stuff as thy spend more time at home.

The summer holidays are coming at a turbulent time for Kris and I. The boys are all starting to test the boundaries and our patience. It is time for us to build some  boundary setting skills and family safety rules. The five year gap between our oldest and youngest is going to be more noticeable this summer, particularly as Aidan's range of mobility increases dramatically from the cul-de-sac to the entire city.

They are boys and are every bit as rambunctious as my brothers and I were. Boys will be boys but that does not excuse getting getting physically aggressive when they are upset with each other. Teaching them to respect each others personal boundariess  takes a clarity and patience. I hate bickering and managing conflicts.

I have already heard the "dad I am bored " line a few times. With all of the sports, hobbies, bikes, scooters, friends and toys that they have - it is just hard to understand how they can be bored.  I really do not think that we have to schedule their entire day for them.

Time to crack the lid on that paint of stain and get at the fence. Enjoy your summer and if you have any "daddy I am bored busting  tips - please pass them on.

Children do need our help to become involved in sports, outside interests, hobbies, and other activities (in moderation), but they do not need to be entertained or have their time controlled by parents every minute of the day. - See more at:

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