Monday, June 23, 2014


Liam and his buddies had a time the weekend!

For the second year in a row, he participated in the St. John's Hockey Night in Canada Play On - 4 on 4!  which played out on Memorial University's parking lots on Saturday and Sunday.

 Hundreds of players of all genders, age and skill level turned out for two great days of fun and recreation. Since this program's inception, over one million Canadians have "taken back the streets" from coast to coast. The first Play On! tournament was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2003 and featured one hundred and twenty-one teams. Play On! was expanded geographically the following summer and operated nationally across Canada in 2004 and 2005.

The Street Caps played some great street hockey wining all three games on Saturday, winning three more on Sunday but failed to advance to the final after loosing by a goal in the semi-final.

Liam plays defense on ice but in this tournament he donned his goalie pads and gear. I thought he did a terrific job!

Street hockey was a big part of my youth. It seems everyone played down the beach. Unlike today, there were so many of us that we would have to pick teams. Captains would toss sticks to see who got the first choice and the draft began or we would just go with what part of St. Bernard's one was from - out-da-bank, in-the-harbour, around-the-loop, in-over-the-hill or in-da-road. We wore no equipment and the goals were normally demarcated by big rocks! It was rough, tough and fun.

The image and sounds of my kids and the neighborhood boys playing road hockey brings back all of the fun and freedom I enjoyed as a boy. There is lots of shouting, slap shots, passing and the occasional bumping of chests. The gel balls are limiting the damage to my siding but it is worth it to watch the boys build up their stamina, stay fit and have fun

Hockey Night in Canada's Play On is now the largest participatory sports festival in Canada.

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