Thursday, June 12, 2014


Thinking of the Ontario Election today has me 
yearning for the days of my youth when the phone would ring and a colleague in another province would talk me into taking a few weeks off to help manage, or take some challenging role in a provincial election of federal by-election in another province.

So much for my course load, pack my bag and head to the airport filled with testosterone and the thrill of the game. I would end up sharing someones basement apartment, hang out in the backroom of a campaign office and dig in. The nights were full of baskets of wings and jugs of beer at  a local hangout. Breakfast was leftover pizza, orange juice and something for the hangover. 

We rarely slept, we rarely said no and we were never late. It was all fun and games. The thrill of the game.

We won more than we lost, or at least I like to think so. The grits were coming out of some national and provincial slumps.It was all black and white, we were the good guys. Mine was not to question why, but to do be a good foot soldier and get the job done tasks assigned to me done.

When it was all over, win or lose, I would head back home, march to the Dean of Arts office and beg a little forgiveness in the hopes of a differed final or a non-discriminatory course drop.

The resulting university transcript looked more like a roller coaster with lots of dips and valleys.

The fun, or should I say, the thrill of it passed when the outcome of the election at hand determined how you would pay the bills. The thrill of the game changes when your mortgage, your car payment, your credit card and your kids groceries are on the line.

A lot of my friends who remained in the game in some role or another will be giving it their all tonight in the hopes of another Liberal victory in Ontario. I am thinking about you and hoping for the best. It has been a good run.
No one seems to have this election in hand. It is going to come down to the wire. Getting those votes out will be the crucial test tommorow for what certainly be a photo finish.


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