Thursday, June 12, 2014


It might have taken a religious conversion but the "Man with the Briefcase" is telling all.

Jean Yves Lortie was the "rain man" of Quebec politics. He made things happen with oodles of cash. It has long been said that he orchestrated the downfall of Joe Clark as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party paving the way for Brian Mulroney.

Much of what Mulroney's gang - Karlheinz Schreiber, Frank Moores & Lortie have passed off the infamous organized ouster of Progressive Conservative Leader Joe Clark as folklore and legend.  Lortie now says he did it with help of a suitcase full of cash which financed the travel costs, delegate fees and pocket money for the 225 pop up Quebec Conservatives that derailed the former Prime Minister's leadership at the Winnipeg Leadership Review in 1983.

Lortie's rush to to godliness may finally provide some light on the the extent of the corruption of the Mulroney era and the real extent of the cash that was passed around to lobby government support for lucrative contracts in the Mulroney era.

Mulroney won $2.1 million in damages in a 1997 , plus another $1.6 million in legal costs from the Canadian government after he sued to protect his reputation amongst allegations that he was on the take.

In 2001, the Justice Jeffrey Oliphant's Commission of Inquiry into Certain Allegations Respecting Business and Financial Dealings Between Karlheinz Schreiber and the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, expressed doubts about Mulroney’s trustworthiness. Mulroney's explanations for accepting cash from Schreiber were deemed "“patently absurd.”

This is a huge day for investigative journalists like Peter C. Newman, Stevie Cameron and John Sawatsky, amongst others, who have been attacked for trying to unveil the truth about crime, corruption and greed in the Mulroney era.

I wonder if old "Lying Brian" might feel the urge for a little religious fever as well. It is never to late to set the record straight.

 One can not hide something this big and ugly forever.

I wonder what future revelations, if any, we may here from the "political fixers" that operated in our little fiefdom over the past twenty years?

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