Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Have I mentioned lately how much I love Apple's customer service?

 Apple Care's customer service representatives ares the best in the business. They are super friendly, helpful and informed. With Apple, I feel appreciated for my loyalty

Yesterday, I ran into a vexing issue with passwords on my Mac Air. Apparently the Mavarick operating system did not react well to my reset of my password. The keychain, part of the Mac's system of storing passwords and other sensitive data became corrupted.

The result was strange problems that were keeping me from accessing my wi-fi, on-line programs, email account passwords and browsers. An incredibly annoyance that forced me to  enter in all of my passwords whenever I needed to send a message or use an application. 

The kicker, my Apple Care expired! I failed to renew it on my Mac Air.  Apple’s got a support article on the keychain issue but I really really was confused!  The verify and repair functions of Keychain Access was not solving the issue. I am farily confident in my computer skills, but my fear of messing up the Operating System prevailed so I called Apple.

From personal experience with Gateway, HP and Toshiba, Apple and even Bell Alliant, I normally finish a call feeling frustrated, stupid and angry.

Form the start, I explained that my Apple Care program was expired. The recording explained that I could purchase a one time coverage plan. However, when Zack took the call, he said, let me look after this for you. He felt my frustration, apologized for what appears to be a known issue. Within in a few minutes the problem was solved. My Dropbox was back in action and my clients in Vancouver were happy.

Sure the OS was the issue, but the response was stellar. In appreciation of my loyalty they renewed my Apple Care.

That is the core of good Customer care.

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