Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Holy frigging cow!

I just heard that Harrison Ford has been hurt in some sort of mishap on the set of the upcoming Star Wars movie. It is not the delay or the accident that got my attention but the fact that the story mentioned his age - 71!

Han Solo is 71!

Sparking up the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive and chasing stormtroopers has got to be a lot more challenging than it was when he filmed the original Star Wars movie.

I wonder if he is as quick with blaster as he used to be? 

Mark Hamill who plays Luck Skywalker looks 80 but is only a young 62 years-of-age. Carrie Fisher is 57 and Billy Dee Williams - 77!

I just hope  J.J. Abrhams does a better job with these guys than Lucus did with Ja-Ja Banks.

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