Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The reset button has been pushed in an effort to find a successor to failed PC Premier Cathy Dunderdale. 

Hours after scandal plagued Premier designate Frank Coleman announced he was going back on his commitment to lead the party, former Cabinet Minister John Ottenheimer had announced he wants the job.

Ottenheimer, a former chair of NALCOR, resigned from the board to run for his pal Steve Harper in the last federal election against Liberal Judy Foote. 

He served in the PC caucus for 11 years, resigning his seat in 2007 due to health related issues. His period as Minister of Health came under intense scrutiny during the Cameron  Inquiry into the botched hormone tests. Ottenheimer admitted that he learned of the botched tests in 2005 but did not go public. Eastern health went public in December of 2006.

One can hope that Otteneimer can do more for the PC Party than he'd did for the women of province impacted by the delay in learning that their cancer diagnosis was wrong.

In 2009, Eastern Health announced that 425 out of 1,088 breast cancer patients were given faulty test results. At the time, 127 of the 425 had died, but the authority said it may never know how many of them died as a result of missing out on treatment because of inaccurate tests.

The province is looking for signs of real life from the P.C. Party. 

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