Thursday, June 5, 2014


If there is one thing I despise in a politician it is hypocrisy. 

The do as I say, not as I do crap burns my arse.

A few years go the federal NDP were all indignant about the Conservatives using House of Commons resources to design, print and pay for the distribution of flyers in Constituencies across Canada that they did not hold.

The Liberals chimed in leading to an investigation by the The Board of Internal Economy banning federal politicians from distributing flyers to Canadians living outside of their own constituency. Since that ruling,the amount spent on flyer distribution between 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 dropped by about 95 per cent.

The NDP, now the official opposition have been found to in the wrong when it comes to using parliamentary resources to send bulk mail into constituencies facing byelections and to pay staff in satellite party offices.

Originally the dippers caught dipping into parliamentary resources claimed they had permission from the speaker. Turns out that was not the case. The NDP had "misspoke"

It is obvious that the NDP tried to pull a fast one. They will pay for this miscalculation in political capital, not to mention the millions they are on the hook to Parliament for.

In typical NDP holier than thou fashion, they have tried to deflect the issue by placing blame elsewhere and accusing the Liberals and Conservatives of a Parisian gang-up. The latest rationale from the NDP is that the other parties are trying to smear the dippers to rob them of support in the Ontario election.

The NDP have shown that they would not hesitate to sneak cookies out of the cookie jar. They have been caught red handed and can cry foul until they are blue in the face. I can only imagine the graft they would dole out if they had access to the public treasury.

So much for offering something new to Canadians. 


Anonymous said...

They were " found in the wrong" by whom Peter? Oh...the Conservative and Liberal members of the Committee. No, no bias or agenda there!

Cyril Rogers said...

Politics in this country has produced a serious credibility gap, as politicians of all stripes tend to practice the "Do as I say…not as I do" approach. They speak in angry tones about the foibles of their opponents but, when given the opportunity, behave in exactly the same way.

I would love to support a party, and leader, where integrity and common sense prevails, but it is difficult to find that in any politician. They do, most of them, go in with the best of intentions but, between expediency, party loyalty, and a mind-boggling bureaucratic entity, in both Ottawa and St. John's, it must be incredibly frustrating even if you do possess integrity.

I have long since come to the realization that fundamental changes are needed in the way we elect people, including the right of recall, if a politician or government is acting in a blatantly wrong manner. Also, the machinations of government have become far too centralized and far too remote from ordinary people and local communities. Consequently, we are losing the battle in terms of preserving our rural economy and heritage, simply due to hideous decisions that fail to account for local realities.

The strength of a country is in its people and nowhere is that strength more evident than in our rural and country roots. Urbanization fails us in terms of understanding that foundation, and we will become weaker because of it as we gravitate toward complete urbanization.

Our politicians reflect that simplistic understanding of the foundations of a society ...and the country will continue to pay the price for that failure to grasp the need for maintaining a balanced society

Anonymous said...

Sure the same thing here a couple of years ago, didn't one of the NDP Caucus members get thrown out out of the House of Assembly after he got caught stealing from the government? All the same

Peter L. Whittle said...

The Board of Internal Economy, Commons Procedure and House Affairs Committee and the speaker's office did not brew up the $3-million spent on the satellite caucus office the New Democrats established in Montreal in 2011 and nearly two million flyers individual NDP MPs mass-mailed to other electoral districts!

Why would you condone what has happened. In particular with the office space issue. People signed documents containing false details regarding their addresses.

‘kangaroo court’ you say..they broke the rules. I can only image the dippers would be so quick to let the Liberals or the Conservatives off the hook! Ante up!