Tuesday, June 17, 2014


“Passion yes, 
but never passion without logic” 

My interest in politics, journalism and community activism developed in elementary school.  I have an inquisitive mind and have never been shy about expressing an informed opinion.

I like to pass on some opinions, copy and paste, offer interesting factoids for discussion and stir the pot a little.  
It’s no secret that I think partisan politics, as it is, presents vexing problems for those of us that wish to be more engaged. 

Fervently believing in things that I have no reason to accept as true is just not in me. 

Being whipped into shape to vote a certain way because I am told to do so holds no truck with me. I object with all my being to  the  “arrogant certainty” of all stripes — the practice of bluntly asserting a position and sticking to it in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

I do not think that the Conservatives or the New Democrats are inherently scarier than Liberals.  I just find that the ardent fundamentalists in these parties off-putting, thus the middle ground of the Liberal Party has always been a good philosophical and political holding ground.

All knowledge is tentative, and I recognize that sometimes change is necessary. I suppose that makes me a pragmatist.
Faking sincerity, passion and vision is a shortcut to gaining trust without actually earning it.  Intellectual dishonesty, masked behind blustery confidence can be convincing.

I feel like people standing up for the truth, or at least an honest debate,  are often in an uncomfortable position. Passion without logic is dangerous. The logic part appears to be self-preservation. I have certainly experienced the financial price of trying to be independent in my observations.

I am unapologetic about my beliefs, points of view or observations. I know our current SMP system is not perfect and it continues to evolve. It may be the only game in town but selling my soul for a few pieces of silver has never been my game plan.

Without significant changes to how we fund our political system, electoral reform, reform of power structures in the House of Assembly and the introduction of true accountability - the concept of  running for elected politics, for any party, would just be an exercise in frustration. 

I remain cynical that real meaningful change is in the air.

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