Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Kris and I watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World last evening. The 2012 black comedy starring Steve Carell and Academy Award nominee Keira Knightleynis is an apocalyptic movie. 

An asteroid is set to smash into the Earth, it is the end of days. Carell, who I have never been that enamored with plays a man who
was unhappy way before the impending Armageddon.  He is a play it safe kind of fellow,  trapped in a lousy job and a crappy marriage. He is an emotionally-stunted cynic.

The movie covers the last few weeks of his life as he and his newly discovered, completely opposite, friend escape the city to redress some regrets. 

Kristine thought it was corny. I do not think she hated it, but she was not impressed. I on the other hand really liked it. 

As the doomsday clock ticks down the pair encounter many different people and personalities who deal with the reality of what is to come in various ways. From unbridled hedonism to spiritual gatherings. It provides a sketch of what it might be like if we were given the date of our mass extinction. Once important things are forgotten as people try and deal with the fact that all life, especially their own, is about to end.

Of course, the reality is that we are all going to die. Most of us do not know when or where, but it is one of the inevitable realities of our existence.  We so often live as if we will never die.

I try and find grace and gratitude in the major aspects of my life: Health/Well Being; Fiances/ Livelihood;  Relationships; and through Work/Community Service. My growth as a person, the growth of my character and my spiritual growth revolves around attaining equanimity.  I would like to live with a sense of urgency and possessiveness but those "important things" which mean nothing, often weigh me down.

How would learning that I had a month to live hit me? Would it be even more significant if I learned that the world itself would end completely at that time? If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do today? It is a philosophical and existential challenge.

After watching the movie, those hypothetical questions rushed to my mind.  I thought of what Saint Francis of Assisi said what he would do if he learned he was to die before sunset that very day. He replied, "I would finish hoeing my garden"

Any moment could be the final moment. I think my purpose here is to be fully, honestly myself in every moment. Now that is a tough order

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