Monday, May 5, 2014


The House of Assembly resumes sitting this afternoon after  a couple of week Easter Break.

There will be one more Liberal and one less Conservative. Cathy Bennett was sworn in as the MHA for Virginia Waters this morning.  The newly minted member of the Liberal Caucus has been appointed as the Finance Critic for her Majesties Loyal Opposition.

There is also a new cabinet minister, former Twitter Minister Sandy Collins was promoted to the round table. The Terra Nova MHA became the new Tourism and Culture Minister. Terry French was tasked with Justice, Paul Davis was promoted to the Department of Health. 

Three ministers that have been struggling in recent months were reassigned. Susan Sullivan was cast out of the Department of Health, bad boy Clyde Jackman moves from Education to the Department of Child, Youth and Family Services, and Dr. Darin King was put back in Education after a lackluster performance as Justice Minister.

The timing of the shuffle only adds to the bizzaro universe that the Conservatives now inhabit. More confusion. The premier might have been better advised to fire a couple of these veterans out the door all together for the mess they have made of their portfolios as of late.  However, that would have led to a few more by-elections and the flailing government can not win them.

So what does the demoralized Conservative caucus get to look forward to over the next few weeks? Not a lot. A daily pounding in question period realizing that the light at the end of the tunnel is the Coleman freight train that appears to a runaway. They have to get through the budget and finish debate on some legislation and get out of the legislature as soon as possible!

I wonder if Premier Coleman will be learning the ropes by sitting in the gallery while his predecessor defends the Humber Valley Paving debacle. You know, where the government threw the best interests of the public out the window in favor of the personal interests of the incoming Progressive Conservative leader.  

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