Friday, May 2, 2014


Partisan types in Ontario will spend the remaining days of spring knocking on doors and campaigning for votes. Minority Premier Kathleen Wynne has called an election for June 12th.

Wynee tossed the pin and threw the election grenade taking the offensive after both after NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Progressive Conservatives Tim Hudak declared that they could not support this weeks Provincial Budget. Together the opposition parties have the numbers to topple the govererning Liberals.

Yesteday's budget  included $130.4-billion in spending and  a deficit of $12.5 billion. 

Recent polling  show that neither of the three major political parties have captivated Ontarians enough to win a majority government. The Conservatives and the Liberals are in a virtual tie with the NDP in third place. That said, the Liberals still have a huge lead in voter rich Toronto.

My prediction - another minority government; but as we were just saw in Quebec, things change quickly during a general election campaign.It is going to be an interesting campaign to watch.

 Voters in the country's most populous province last went to the polls on October 6, 2011.

It will be interesting to see if the election call tops the latest Rob Ford stories!


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