Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Montreal's win last night to force a seventh and deciding game against the Boston Bruins should create a few smiles at my house around the breakfast table. 

Liam is a big Habs fan and he was worried that last night's game would be the last one for his hockey heroes.  He will be gleaming this morning and begging to be allowed  to let him stay up to watch the game seven finale in Boston tomorrow night. 

I can not count the number of times that he has played played Montreal against Boston in a simulated series on his X-Box 360. Every time he/they win he does a happy dance.  I hope for him that the Habs win the series, even if it means weeks of NHL 2014 simulation.

Adding to the excitement, Aidan is headed to Halifax with Shallaway in the morning. He is hyped about missing a few days of school and getting off the Rock without his brothers! He was not as thrilled that we spoke to his math teacher and got some homework for him to do to ensure he does not fall behind from missing a week of school. 

Speaking of breakfast and mornings, I had better get to bed.

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