Monday, May 5, 2014


We know this province, our country and the Western World is headed for a type 2 diabetes explosion of catastrophic proportions. Experts fear the disease could overwhelm the ability of healthcare agencies to respond.

Excess sugar and obesity are among the most evident contributors to the crisis. The more sugar available in a country, the more diabetes it has. That is one of the most critical findings published in the scientific journal Plos One. Sugar is a silent killer.

Children as young as eight years of age are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The Canadian Diabetes Association's evidence-based 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada (Guidelines) recommend anticipatory guidance promoting healthy eating, maintenance of a healthy weight and regular physical activity as part of routine pediatric care. 

An estimated 2.5 million Canadians have been diagnosed with diabetes in 2010. From 2010 to 2020, another 1.2 million people are expected to be diagnosed with diabetes, bringing the total to about 3.7 million 

 The economic burden of diabetes in Canada is expected to be about $12.2 billion in 2010, measured in inflation adjusted 2005 dollars. The cost of the disease is expected to rise to $17 billion by 2020

A new movie, FED UP, purports to tells the truth about food and childhood obesity. The movie, to be released this Friday will change how you  think and act.  It is a powerful indictment of how the food industry hooks us on addicted processed foods laden with hidden sugars. 

It is time that we learn the truth about how we have unwittingly allowed the food industry to create and economic and health crisis. This preventable crisis has led to pre-diabetes. type 2 diabetes, an outbreak of  fatty livers and cirrhosis from drinking soda and eating sugar.

If you are a teacher, educator, parent, doctor, nurse, child care operator, go see this movie. 

Suggest it to others. Please.

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