Thursday, May 1, 2014


As usual, I had a great exchange with VOCM Open Line Host Paddy Daly today about the issue of the Provincial Conservatives delaying the coronation of Frank (Dead On Arrival) Coleman as leader and premier.

As you know the PC Party has a new leader. The leadership process is over, Coleman has won by acclamation. I believe it is an affront to democracy in this province that the intern-premier Tom Marshall has not stepped aside to allow Mr. Coleman an opportunity to enter the House of Assembly and lead as Premier. Why the delay?

The Tories are trying to buy time so they can keep on buying your votes. 

Listen to my conversation with Paddy, who for the sake of debate offered up some plausible rationals for the Tories.

and tell me what you think is going on!

Did I ever mention that my ultimate dream job is to host an Open-Line Show. 

Happy Birthday Paddy! 

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