Friday, May 2, 2014


Chin down, take it like a man, what is the politically correct gender neutral term? take it like a person! Most of the time political correctness doesn’t teach people to be mindful of problems in the way they think; it teaches them to avoid “offending people.”

But I digress. This is a post to express my frustration which is not meant to transfer my negative feelings to you but what a crappy few days. I swear if we did not have bad luck, we  would have none at all.

A couple of week ago our fridge went on the blink. It was a harbinger of bigger, badder things to come. 

This week our lemon of a two and half year old vehicle started giving us grief again. Two separate mornings it would not start. This morning it got towed to the dealer where it might just remain.

The furnace has been giving us some issues, the area valve for the rec room was not working, as a result the furnace kept running over the weekend. All I could think of was burning/wasting oil. Might as well be burning twenty dollar bills.

Than the hot-water facet in the upstairs shower broke and would not shut-off. We had to tear-up the tub enclosure and the wall behind it to get at the piping just to install a temporary valve to shut it off!

Today the furnace guy came by to carry out the regular cleaning. The furnace is working well but he condemned our outside storage tank which we only installed ten years ago to meet provincial standards. We bought a tank with a 20 year life-span. Turns out the despite annual painting, the tank has rusted. It has to be replaced and soon. The company that manufactured the tanks has predictably gone under - apparently the tank we bought has been an issue for a lot of people. The warranty is useless! 

Ford says the issue with the truck is related to the rear view window window wiper motor. Our bumper to bumper warranty for that part ran out at $60,000 KM!

New oil tank, repairs to new vehicle, fridge and the tear-up to the upstairs washroom demand budgeted expenditures.

Yes I am trying to think positive. We are all healthy, boy are good but it never frigging ends.

I wish that money tree outside would bloom.

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