Thursday, April 10, 2014


It must be tough to watch your perceived legacy slowly disappear!

Former Premier Danny William's left on a very high note. Nobody in the Progressive Conservative Party was happy to see their rainmaker punch-out! Without William's the party began to sag and under his hand picked successor, the Conservatives went into steady decline.

Over the past few months the Conservatives have lost two critical by-elections in two Tory strongholds. The party's two most prominent public faces, Dunderdale and Jerome Kennedy flew the coup. Two staunch P.C. MHA's  defected to join the Liberal caucus. So shaken up were the Conservatives, in desperate need of a morale boost, that Danny Williams was brought back from retirement to pump the flesh, change the channel and  save the day in the Virginia Waters byelection.

The impact of Williams participation is debatable. He says he brought the Tory vote up 15% percentage points from where it was when the campaign started. It was a photo finish with the Liberals squeezing out a 40 vote lead to leave the Conservatives and their former leader gobsmacked. 

Danny is not used to losing. He claimed last night that election was a tie but as he knows better than anyone, politics is a zero sum game - you win or lose. There is only one of three candidates going to the House of Assembly and it is not his boy.

Not at all humbled, Danny says his party will run the Liberals into the ground in the 2015 General Election. We shall see about that. By the way has anyone seen the new Conservative leader, in waiting  Frank Coleman?  Peek-a-boo, come out, come-out, where ever you are!

By putting so much effort and time into the campaign, Danny has spend a lot of political capital. It could be argued that he is out of touch or that the public are no longer under his trance. His time has come and gone. His cache all but blown.

Perhaps he should accept his past accolades and let go. 

It just might be time to accept some of past advice. On several occasions, he told former Federal Cabinet Minister and local political icon John Crosbie to butt out of public policy debates. He told Crosbie that his days in politics were over and he no longer gets to call the shots.

"Mr. Crosbie had his day in government, and he made his decisions in that time" he stated.

Perhaps he should accept his own advice and go away.  

If not, he runs the risk of becoming another demagogue turned sad caricature. 

And that, jumping Jesus, would be a crying shame.

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Anonymous said...

I went to the AHL all star game this winter at mile one. During the intermission there was a video of "All Things Danny".

The response of those sitting around me was "OMJ". It was at the point where I realized that most people are like me... tired of Danny Williams. Yet you can not talk badly of him in public circles.

I do not know why Danny is so involved in a by election, or dismissing Bill Barry in such a mean spirited fashion.

Me thinks it is his fear of new blood reviewing some of the piss poor decisions that have been made in the past 10 years.

If we ever find out what the current cost estimates are on Muskrat Falls, there may be a growing chorus of people calling for a Public Inquiry of why we ever made that decision.

Danny Williams Legacy will then be exposed for all to see.