Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I am a little furious, as you should be,

with the incompetence being projected by the Provincial Government on the Muskrat Falls File. 

Back in November, The Telegram broke a story that the Provincial Natural Resources Minister could care less about the content of a independent report carried out by MWH  Canada to review and confirm Nalcor's numbers as a condition of approving the Federal Loan Guarentee. 

The Minister played the report down as a federal document, that had little to no bearing on Nalcor or the Province. It was "an interim" report that was just a hoop that Nalcor had to jump through. The "confidence in our experts" line was spun around.

Despite the report being completed in November of 2013, the Province appeared to have no interest in it. No one was tasked to keep an eye on its progress or findings.

In fact, it was not on the radar of the Department of Natural Resources until reporter until James McLeod went looking for it. The day after he filed a Freedom Of Information Request and was told  DNR did not have it - it miraculously appeared in the department.

At that time it was played down. Nothing to see here. Yest yesterday that same MWH  Canada was in part cited as the basis for a statement by Nalcor that costs related to the project were escalating to an extent that Muskrat's completion date has to be pushed back.

There are a lot of angles to approach yesterday's revelation, but for the purpose of this post, I think it is important to listen to Derrick Dalley in his own words talk about the substance of this report back on Feb 24th, 2014. Take the time and listen to these two unedited interviews.

Once you listen to them, I urge you to read the media reports about the recent revelations. I urge you to follow the questions asked in the House of Assembly about cost overruns and oversight. Should the minister not be held to account for his departments inability to protect our investment?

Than ask yourself one question, why is Derrick Dalley still the Minister of Natural Resources?

Why, Why, Why?

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