Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So much on the go, so little energy to tackle any of it.

A darn head cold has morphed into a full-blown cough and fever. Feeling miserable, sore and bored! I am not going to take this to the office and share it.

A man cold with no one to treat me like the sook I am is really a miserable thing. I don't feel good and I'm sick. I intend to hole up under the blankets, take some Advil and emerge tomorrow - all better.

After a few days of solitude, it is back to a full house. Liam's Team Won a Bronze In the tournament in Corner Brook. That is the end of the line for this hockey season. I am looking forward to a return to a semblance of normalcy at home and break from feeding the gas companies.

Conor is returning from a few days with Nan & Pop out in St. Bernard's for his last hockey tournament of the year. He laces up his skates here in town. Mom and Dad are going to be in for a few days as well.

Everyone is descending/returning this afternoon.

I am looking forward to the supper time chats with the entire family but have become accustomed to less clutter, traffic and the tension. Spring weather brings Scooters and street hockey which means they will be cooped up less.

Speaking of cooped up, I could really use some fresh air and some soup. I wonder if a bowl of Breen's turkey soup might be in order?

Have a great day.

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