Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It is still snowing! Will it ever end?

Mother nature delivered the cruelest April Fool's Joke this year, 40 cm of snow...and counting.

With the winds creating drifts, my vehicles have been dug out and buried twice today. Looking out the window, I expect to be out digging them out again in the morning. I like the exercise but my nerves are worn thin.

The storm began on Monday and is expected to cease tomorrow morning.

We may have to get used to longer winters.  A study released by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)  illustrates that as the Arctic gets warmer, colder weather is getting pushed further south because the jet stream  is changing it's path.

The study shows that the jet stream over Northern Europe and North America may be taking a longer, more meandering path as a result of a rapidly warming Arctic narrowing the differential between upper and middle latitudes.

Alaska and Scandinavia have had unusually warm winters this year, while we are seeing a colder longer Winter.

April Fools is a national day of irony. For the record, Newfoundland joined confederation 65 years ago today.

Despite the digging not everyone is depressed, check out this video.

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