Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The days of the Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday are gone...forever.

This will be the first year in twelve years that the Easter Bunny has not hidden plastic eggs filled with jelly-beans, Cadbury cream eggs and marshmallow chicks in the grass, along the sheds, on the play structures and throughout the house.

The Easter Bunny is a pretty cool - gender neutral type. There was no tally of being good or bad, candy and chocolate just arrived.   

My guys are growing-up and frankly I am sad about it! The transition is tough. I know, they can't stay young forever, and these moments are opportunities to help them take steps toward adolescence.

I have postponed the inevitable for as long as possible.

Conor is gone out to St. Bernard's with Nan and Pop. He left after school today. I am sure he will play along for Nan. 

Liam is heading to Corner Brook with his Mom for a hockey tournament on Easter Sunday, so it will be just Aidan and I at home for Easter Sunday this year.

Perhaps the Easter Bunny's stand in will find an X-Box One in his Easter Basket to mask the pain!

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