Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Speaking of super heroes, Conor and I have been enjoying the ABC television series Agents of Shield. 

The integration of the blockbuster Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and Avenger movies into the episodic weekly drama has been a welcome treat. How often do you get this level of interwoven story telling reflecting graphic novels, television and the cinematic universe?

Last weekend, my brother Mike, Aidan and I saw the latest offering at the cinema, Captain America Winter Soldier. Without giving anything away, it was a good movie. Watching the Agents of Shield dovetail, or perhaps, even introduce the issues facing Shield and than explain in parallel, on television what was happening,  made for a really entertaining experience. 

Sure it is a cash machine and I am going to be forking out more cash on movies, toys and video games but sharing in my 10 year old's excitement is priceless.

If you have been sitting on the fence or  given up on AOS, go see Winter Soldier and than watch the series!

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