Thursday, April 3, 2014


Despite the fact that Tom Marshall aided and abetted Premier Kathy Dunderdale’s reign of incompetence, he is growing on me.

Of course, he is a caretaker with a mission to implement a kinder, friendlier and more responsive face for the Conservatives. 

He will have retired to make room for Frank Coleman in the House Assembly by the time the grass at the Confederation Building needs to be cut. 

It will be a shame for the party to loose its conscious. 

His response to accusations from Liberal Education Critic Dale Kirby that Education Minister Clyde Jackman bullied the President of the NLSCF after last weeks budget was certainly not what we have come to expect from provincial minister’s that have crossed the pale. 

It was like Clyde Wells was back in the House of Assembly. There was no shield put up to deflect the spears being hurled at his minister, just a quiet resignation that he is taking the allegations seriously and he has his able Chief of Staff investigating the incident. He never threw the minister under a moving bus, but it certainly was not a vote of confidence.

Williams or Tobin might have circled the wagons. They might have said they have discussed the issue with the minister and felt confident that there was a disagreement, a heated discussion but sending a chief of staff into the fray to get the rights of it  all is a signal of discomfort with his minister's version of events.

Jackman has had a tough week in the House of Assembly. He was accused of cronyism earlier in the week after it was unveiled that a former PC Party President was foisted on the the organization that represents School Bus Operators in the province. The department footed the bill so the party hack could lobby the department!

Perhaps the Premier has just run out of patience.

Perhaps the minister has run out of political lives.

Perhaps the Premier will make a public example of Jackman and send him to the backbenches with his disingenuous tail between his legs.

One thing is for certain, the Premier takes the issue seriously. 

Mind you, not seriously enough to relieve Jackman of his duties until the results of the internal investigation are known.


Anonymous said...

Peter, you were implicated by Jackman as being a witness. Diid I hear that right? I'm curious, what do you think? Was he being a bully?

Joan V.

Peter L. Whittle said...

I was not a witness to the budget altercation. Has Jackman raised my name?

I strongly feel, based on what I have witnessed in the past, what Nathan states occurred, the genuine expression of concern in Nathan's email that the Minister, the minister's pattern of behavior towards Nathan, his position of authority, the gate keeper of our $25,000 grant that he acted as a bully. Behavior unbecoming of a minister.