Monday, April 7, 2014


Danny Williams re-emergence in provincial partisan politics over the past month has been interesting to observe.

The former Premier and party leader has become engaged in the Conservative Party Leadership and the current bi-election in Virginia Waters. 

It is hard to catch a commercial break on the city's radio stations without hearing WIlliam's voice advocating for PC Candidate Danny Breen. 

No matter what he said about former Premier's and politicians interloping on current public affairs while he was the sitting #1, there is no reason that he can not be engaged in the political game. When has William ever been bound by a past position or even legislation.

It is well known that he and the Breen's are closely connected socially and on some business affairs. It would seem strange to me if Danny did not lend a hand.

Of course, Williams has eclipsed Danny Breen's candidacy and  turned this by-election into a referendum on the Conservative record.  Breen knew going in that if this by-election were to be a mini-referendum on the Dunderdale years he was as done as the Christmas Turkey. He needed a Hail Marry pass - and he has one.

The Conservatives are attempting to change the channel. It is the smart political thing to do, the question now is will the voters select Danny Williams' man for the job of MHA?

Much has changed since Danny retired. People have had a chance to size-up his legacy, his hand picked successor took his party from top form to bust, he has been involved with several controversial business developments that are very much dependent on government regulations and public funds.  

Will the people of Virginia Waters look past the politics of demagogue personalities and examine the Conservative record. Will they question what is stated by the former premier and look at the last minute conversion of the Dunderdale Conservative Party from arrogant &  unaccountable to  a little less arrogant with promises of change?

Will they consider the unbalanced influence of an outsider, who is not at all accountable to the public on government policy and expenditures.  Will they consider how important it is to Danny Williams, the businessman, to keep his friends in power?

These are very heavy questions that have to be discussed. I have never hesitated to praise Caesar or question him. Talking truth to power, Liberal, Tory or NDP, has never exactly enamored me with those who prefer the voters to be spellbound by parlor tricks and manipulation.

Too much power concentrated in the hands of one man is a slippery slope.

Danny Williams reanimation after giving us the political Frankenstein monster of Kathy Dunderdale should give voters a reason to pause, not to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

"The political Frankenstein of Kathy Dunderdale? ??

My dear have taken political bashing to a new low level ... I consider your comment sexist and a direct public personal attack on our former premier and all women in public life without the slightest consideration to your candidate Cathy Bennett. Is she dewight Balls "Ronald Macdonald?"

I think it is irresponsible in poor taste. If I was Cathy Bennett I would ask that you publicly apologize and remove yourself from her campaign...

Do you realize....  Two hundred years ago, the chains of sexism weighed so heavily on women that Mary Shelley, a progressive writer, created a terrible monster to signify these bonds. Rather than attempt to point out the inherent inequality on society, she displayed in full graphic detail the horrendous effect of sexual prejudice on her own. She created a world and a fantasy where Shelley’s own character was made male, but haunted by a monster. This is the premise and goal of Frankenstein, to measure the effect of sexual bias on an individual. Specifically, Frankenstein is haunted by the Monster, representing Mary Shelley’s own existence chained by the sexist demands of her existence

Anonymous said...

"Danny Williams reanimation after giving us the political Frankenstein of Kathy Dunderdale should give voters a reason to pause, not to celebrate."

I think you insult all women who run and serve in public office by saying this.

Peter L. Whittle said...

First of all thanks for the comments.

I appreciate the perspective. Women do indeed suffer from prejudice and discrimination and your comments serves to remind me of these difficulties and the need to remedy them.

Secondly, I do not have a clue how my comments can be taken in a sexist way.

The term Premier is gender neutral and my comments in no way a reflection of anyone's gender. This sexist dribble is worse than anything I am being accused. My point, and I am sure you very well know it is that I felt that a political monster was created - a monster that haunts the Progressive Conservative Party.

Shelly viewed science as a powerful entity, but also recognizes the dangers if uncontrolled. Shelley demonstrates this fear in the book as science drives Victor Frankenstein to create his monster. In the end, it is also his use of science that inevitably becomes his demise.

In my analogy, Science is politics, Williams is the Scientist who creates his successor but is not able to control his creation. The book serves to warn readers, both past and current, of the misuse and use of power.

I thought feminism was about equality for all people in relation to economics, politics, and society. I never once thought or attempted to make the piece about gender. In retrospect, I could have been more generic and said monster. I supposed that would be gender neutral and make the same point, in fact, I shall do just that.

Premier Dunderdale's historically low polling numbers had nothing to do with her gender, and everything to do with approach. I would never infer, or suggest, that the fact that she was so unpopular because of her gender. Are you suggesting that 80% of the province is sexist.

Get serious now and stop playing politics and hiding behind an anonymous comment?

Anonymous said...

Be wise Peter don't throw mud at people whom get out of the way. It's a real bad journalism call on your part to finish your pc throwing an insult at Dunderdale. Her name is not on the ballott. The two woman running would never address Kathy Dunderdale's term in government with a Frankenstein comment...
I guess some boys still like throwing rocks girls.

And some guys got true intellect and class...
See link below

Peter L. Whittle said...

I take the criticism and use of the term seriously. What do the other two women candidates in the race for Virginia Waters have to do with it?

Why not say the two other candidates would not have said it? The fact is that Dunderdale is considered to be the creation of her predecessor and she turned on him and nearly destroyed her party.

I think it is an exaggerated comment but it is not sexist, unless you feel the urge to spin it that way.

Frankengovernment, frakenfoods, Frankenstorm, Frankenbite - there are tons and ton of examples where the public loves to ‘Frankenize’ words. The monster sense of "Frankenstein" as well-established and an acceptable usage.

I did not say Frakendale or Dunderstien because I was saying that Williams created a political monster.

On reflection, I might have made a less negative analogy if I had used Prometheus, as an example.

Either way, it is not sexist and is a reflection of the story of a man playing god, creating something that he disavowed which in turn managed to destroy much of his legacy.

I must say the discussion on Mary Shelly, Frankenstien, gender politics has been very intriguing.

As for"a real bad journalism call"...this is just commentary, my opinion. Dunderdale, her legacy - is very much a part of this by-election.

This is her old seat. The by-election was caused by her resignation. Her record, the reasons for her resignation and what she did with the Government and the PC party under her reign are very much relevant...except to those who would like us to pretend it never happened.....if the fiction created at her resignation were so true why did she leave and why does polling show 80% of the public wanted her to go?

As for throwing stones, at least I take responsible for my comments.