Wednesday, April 16, 2014


John Furlong’s house is just down the road from Pop Maloney.  One of my best friend’s daughter dated his son for a while. We have chatted on Crosstalk and he interviewed me on many issues in the past ranging form school closures, to the fishery and the  stench from Robin Hood Bay.

It is a small city, even smaller when we lose one of our towering lights of journalistic integrity to Cancer on the eve of finishing his career. He only stopped working on March 03/2014.

I have been walking up the road with pop to deliver food to the Furlong’s over the past few weeks.  Pop was shocked when he learned that John was “full of Cancer”. It is simply astounding how quickly his life passed.  Pop is a healthy 93 and I think he is genuinely distressed when someone he admires and respects passes before him.

Like anyone else that ever encountered John, I was impressed by his tenacity, his bulldog approach and the fact that he never seemed to get intimidated in his desire to get to the bottom of the story.

I felt at times that as he was getting closer to retirement his commentary was more biting and opinionated.

In fact, despite the many good conversations we had over the years, I took him to task a couple of Winters ago regarding an on-line commentary he posted comparing the closure of the Dominion SaveEasy supermarket in Churchill Square to the closure of the Marystown fish plant.

As a young fella who had dreams of becoming a  journalist, Furlong was an idol. He worked in print and radio. He, Mike Harris and Knowlton Nash made journalism look like a career where you could change the world.

The iconic voice of the “Broadcast” and career journalist will be sadly missed. 

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