Wednesday, April 23, 2014


As kids, my brothers and I play acted a great deal.

From Cowboys and Indians, Star Wars and Supper Heroes, we could easily immerse ourselves into a our own stories and fight evil.

Role playing is still a big deal at the Whittle household. I have witnessed a decade of post-Halloween mark down costumes transforming the boys. Our house, the steps, backyard, the play platform have all been used as bases, camps, space stations and sniper locations.

Lately, the costumes have become tighter. As they morph towards teenagers, their imaginations remain in tact.  It is my genuine desire that they will continue to have fun and embrace cosplay. Life should be about having fun - we should not have to shut down our creative imaginations to grow-up. For the uninitiated, grown adults dressing as anime or cutesy comic book characters seems a tad juvenile.

Back in university, I always admired the The Society for Creative Anachronism folks who would dress in clothing from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, hold tournaments, recreate feasts and offer workshops. They brought history and sociology to life. Many people just thought they were weird, others thought they were juvenile. I suspect a lot of others secretly wished they could join in.

I love the idea of a forum where our eccentric interests and fanaticisms can bring similar minded people together.

Have you seen the 2014, Chevrolet Traverese "Captain America" commercial.

Watching it brought back all the fun times I had playing Luke Skywalker along the boardwalks that ringed the stores along the land wash in St. Bernard's under Uncle Leo's hill.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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